Clinic Rules

Perekliinik is your family doctor! The first free appointment will be booked for you to ensure prompt medical attention. This means that you may receive medical help from any member of our staff. We appreciate your understanding in the matter. With every patient, our nurses will firstly gather information and in some cases also conduct physical exam.

  • Emails will be answered within 1-3 bussiness day. If you have critical questions, please call to Perekliinik. 
  • To visit a family physician and a family nurse, you have to book an appointment by phone or e-mail. Family Clinic does not accept patients on a walk-in basis! 
  • When booking an appointment, you will be asked to provide a reason for your visit. It is important to better plan your appointment. 
  • If you are late for an appointment, the family physician and nurse have the right to provide general medical care to you for a shorter time or refuse to see you. 
  • If you cannot attend the appointment, please inform us as soon as possible by phone or e-mail! 
  • The appointment time for one patient is 30 minutes. If your problems require more time, let the receptionist know when you are booking an appointment. 
  • Wait until you are invited to enter the doctor’s or family nurse’s office. 
  • If several family members are coming to the appointment, then we kindly ask you to book a separate appointment for each member of the family. 
  • The family physician will conduct medical examinations and analyses based on the symptoms you report. If you as a patient are interested in examinations that are not related to your symptoms please contact Synlab.  
  • If you require a certificate of incapacity for work, then we kindly as you to contact us by phone or e-mail on the first day of illness. We do not issue the certificate retrospectively! 
  • On the day you fall ill, a family nurse will assess your health status and provide recommendations for home treatment. If necessary, the family nurse will find you a suitable appointment time with a family physician or a nurse. 
  • Please be patient if the family nurse is unable to answer your call immediately. Usual waiting time is 3 minutes per call.
  • You can renew prescriptions by phone, e-mail or by filling in the repeat prescription order form. 
  • Prescriptions are issued within five working days. Therefore, please keep an eye on the validity of your prescriptions, so you can notify your family physician or nurse on time. In case of an acute illness, the prescription will be issued on the same day. 
  • You can check your prescription renewal data at 
  • A patient on the practice list without health insurance can also consult their family physician, but will have to pay for the general medical care provided and the examinations conducted. You can check the validity of your health insurance at 
  • It is not permitted to make a video or in any other way to record anything in our premises. We reserve the right to confiscate any recordings that have been made without permission. To ensure the confidentiality of our patients and staff, we have the right to turn to appropriate instances in case such recordings have been made.