The application for registering in the list of a family physician has to be filled and signed digitally via the form below.

A separate application has to be filled in for each family member.

    • A parent or guardian has to fill in the application for a minor.
    • As an exception, newborns are automatically registered with the family physician of the mother. The application has to be filled in separately if the newborn needs to be registered with some other family physician.

We will inform you about the refusal of registering within 7 working days from the day of filling in the application.

      • We may refuse if the list of our family physician is already full or if the applying person does not live in our service area.
      • In case of the list being full, we will only include new patients in the list if their family member is also included in the list and the applying person lives in our service area.

If we do not inform you about the refusal of registering within 7 working days, this means that you will be in our family physician’s list from the first day of the month following the application.

Thank you for your trust!

    Of the family members closely related or related to me, the following persons are on the list of this family physician:

    Note if you are choosing a family physician who has a list of more than 2000 patients

    I am choosing the list

    Digital signing is required to complete the application.
    Please add a digital signature to your filled application by clicking the button "Add digital signature" and by following the instructions.

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