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The controller of personal data is Perekliinik OÜ, registry code 14315115, seat at Pärnu mnt 48a, Tallinn, who is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.
On this website, we collect data to provide service to a person, to identify or contact a person or for resolving any issues concerning a person. By using our website, you give your consent to Perekliinik OÜ to collect information about you and use it for achieving the purposes stated.
Perekliinik OÜ is the processor of the personal data collected via this website.
In processing the personal data of the patient and any entitled third parties, Perekliinik OÜ follows the legislation of Estonia and the European Union.
Perekliinik OÜ uses the personal data of the patient and any entitled third parties for the purposes for which it was collected and to the extent required to achieve these purposes.

Personal data sharing

Perekliinik OÜ may make your personal data available to companies which provide services supporting our business activity, such as website analysts or customer service providers. These service providers are authorized to use the personal data only when providing the services agreed upon. In selecting our service providers, we make sure the service provider is located in the European Economic Area.

We have the right to share your personal data directly or indirectly with third parties if we use the services of any third parties to develop and/or maintain our website and/or to provide hosting or other technical services; we will only share your personal data with third persons in the manner described in the privacy policy. We will not sell your personal data to any third parties.

Perekliinik OÜ will share personal data with the following data recipients:

  • Service providers, for performing a legal obligation;
  • Third persons related to the patient, based on consent;
  • A guardian;
  • A specialist doctor;
  • The Estonian Health Insurance Fund;
  • The health information system;

How Perekliinik OÜ collects personal data

We collect personal data directly from data subjects together with their consent either by e-mail or by receiving feedback from a request form (including if you consent to receiving letters from us). Furthermore, we use automatic data collection methods (e.g. the website analysis tool Google Analytics, including cookies (cookies store website usage) and other tracking tools which help improve the user experience on the website of Perekliinik OÜ and thereby ensure the high quality of the services provided and convenient navigation for the customer on the website.
On our website, we use cookies, which are voluntary for each visitor of our website to accept and can be blocked.
Cookie is a small text file sent by the web server to the user’s web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera) and stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer (usually, under temporary files). Cookies allow remembering the user’s preferences (e.g. the font size used, the language of interaction, computer’s location, device information, most visited websites/addresses, etc.) to allow the customer’s web browser to operate faster and “smarter”. By default, web browsers are set to allow cookies, but it is possible to manually change the settings so that the web browser disables the cookies, blocks third-party cookies or notifies the user of all cookies stored. It is recommended to set the web browser to notify of the cookies so that there would be an overview of the websites which store the user’s personal data.
Pixel tag is a small block of code on a website that allows to place and read cookies. Pixel tags are activated if the user sends an e-mail, for example, or arrives on a website. Then, the user is registered to have opened the e-mail, or third-party cookies are downloaded.

Cookies used by Perekliinik OÜ:

Session cookies (temporary cookies). Session cookies are temporary and will disappear if you leave a website or close your browser. Session cookies may be used for certain functions of the website such as logging in, and for the shopping basket. They allow us to use the service.
Persistent cookies (if the user consents, these are stored in the user’s computer after closing the web browser) are used for remembering the customer’s choices on the websites of Perekliinik OÜ. Persistent cookies may be used, for example, to identify you as a repeat visitor of the website (e.g. to use the Google ReMarketing function) and adjust the content of the website according to your needs or for collecting statistical data.
Cookies are used on our websites to provide the users of the website of Perekliinik OÜ with a better user experience. Cookies allow our web servers to identify the website of Perekliinik OÜ and automatically adjust the content of the website (advertising displayed to the customer) so that it matches your needs. The use of cookies allows to recognize the needs of website users. Cookies help collect user statistics, thereby allowing us to measure and improve the functioning of our website.
The cookies used by IMeedia Eesti may be created by various service providers who help us promote our web services. Providers like this are Google and Facebook, for example – read more about them in the section “More about cookie use”.
Our website users are deemed to have accepted the cookies if their browser settings have enabled cookies. If you do not accept the cookies, all services and functions of our website may not work as intended.
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More about cookie use by Perekliinik OÜ:

Analytical cookies. These cookies collect information on website use – which common pages are visited and for how long; which common pages are used the most; what is searched on a website, etc. Analytical cookies do not collect information to directly identify the user of a website. Analytical cookies are Google Analytics cookies, for example. The websites of Perekliinik OÜ use the data provided by Google Analytics, mostly collected via services provided by Google Analytics and subject to the terms and conditions of Google Analytics. To protect against improper use of the website, we may use the tool Google reCAPTCHA, which collects hardware and software data such as device and application data, service integrity verification results and unique web identifiers such as IP address, and sends these to Google to analyze. By using this service (cookies are allowed), you consent to the forwarding of your personal data to Google Analytics for service integrity verification and for implementing the measures required for safe use of the website.
Advertising cookies. Help deliver (display in an advertising network) select advertisements targeted at the user’s interests. The user has the right to refuse to store the cookies. The user must change his/her web browser settings. Instructions for changing the settings of major web browsers:
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If you disable cookies, please bear in mind that all functions of the website may not be available for you. You can later enable cookies again manually in the web browser.

The purposes of collecting and processing a patient’s personal data

We may collect and process the following data about you:

  • The information you provide or have provided on our website, including via interactive applications (e.g. the form for renewing repeat prescriptions);
  • If you have contacted us via e-mail, we may store the correspondence and all of the information in it;
  • The information about visiting this website, including web traffic data, location data, blogs and other data related to information exchange, which we need for accounting purposes or for any other purpose of Perekliinik OÜ regarding you.

The patient’s personal data are collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • To perform legal obligations;
  • To issue a health card;
  • To book an appointment for a medical service;
  • To provide medical services;
  • To provide first aid;
  • To issue a referral for a specialist doctor;
  • To conduct the analyses required;
  • To compile patient lists;
  • To issue invoices;

Processing a patient’s personal data for issuing a health card

Perekliinik OÜ collects the following personal data from you for issuing a health card:

  • First name and family name;
  • Birth date, month and year;
  • Personal identification code;
  • Address of temporary place of residence; place of residence according to passport, if necessary;
  • Phone number; place of residence according to passport, if possible;
  • Name of child care institution, school or place of work;
  • Name of place of work and position, in case of a working patient;
  • In case of permanent incapacity for work, the percentage of loss of capacity for work is noted;
  • In case of a disability, the degree of the disability is noted;
  • State pension type, pension certificate number and issuer;
  • Date of registration of patient in patient list;
  • First name, family name and phone number of patient’s family doctor;
  • Medicines and foodstuffs causing allergic reactions;
  • Blood type and Rh factor;
  • Name of medical preparation used steadily, name of active substance, form of the medicine, single dose, daily dose;
  • Immunization date and name of vaccine;
  • Health damaging risk factors such as smoking, overweight or underweight, use of alcohol and drugs;
  • Work site and position related risk factors such as noise, vibration, chemicals, exposure to radiation, asbestos, forced position, lifting of weights, physical and mental overload and other factors potentially hazardous to health;
  • The surgeries done;
  • Medical history;
  • Name of illness diagnosed;
  • Results of examinations made and consultations held;
  • If a certificate of incapacity for work is issued, its number, dates of beginning and end, issue of duplicate; in case of temporary easement of working conditions based on a doctor’s or midwife’s decision, the reason, nature and duration must be noted (beginning and end dates);
  • If a prescription is issued, the name and amount of the medicine; in case of a medicine compensated by the Health Insurance Fund, the prescription number and discount rate as well.

Use of the information on the website

Perekliinik OÜ may use the information concerning you in order to:

  • Present the content of our website in the most effective manner for you and your computer;
  • Contact you with regard to any issues concerning the functioning of the website and any technical issues related to the use of the website;
  • Carry out its obligations arising from any contracts signed between us;
  • Provide you with the option of using the interactive applications of our services if desired;
  • Notify you of any changes in our services;

We may use your data for statistical purposes to collect consolidated information about the web browsing operations and habits of our website visitors. An individual cannot be identified based on these data.

Content from other websites

The articles on this website may contain attached content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). Content from other websites is subject to the same terms and conditions that would apply to the user visiting the other website. These websites may collect information about you, use cookies, add third-party tracking and track its interaction with hidden content.

How long will Perekliinik OÜ store your data?

Perekliinik OÜ will not store any data collected through the website longer than needed to achieve the purpose of data collection or longer than allowed by law.

If the purpose of personal data collection is achieved, we will delete excessive personal data as follows:

  • The health card and the personal data collected on it will be stored for at least 110 years after the birth of the patient;
  • The data of an entitled third person appointed by the patient* will be deleted upon the withdrawal of consent by the entitled person, withdrawal of the patient’s authorization or death of the patient;

*Entitled third person – a person entitled to receive special categories of personal data concerning a patient with the patient’s consent and authorization.

Legal grounds for processing personal data

  • Pursuant to the Health Services Organisation Act, Perekliinik OÜ has the right to process special categories of the patient’s personal data.
  • According to the conditions and procedure for maintaining records of the provision of health services and preservation of the documents thereof, Perekliinik OÜ has the right to process personal data (which are not part of special categories of personal data).
  • The personal data of an entitled third person are processed based on the entitled person’s consent and the patient’s request.
  • Personal data are processed for carrying out other obligations arising from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

Your rights

Perekliinik OÜ values the rights of data subjects. Below are your rights concerning your personal data:

  • You have the right, at any time, to contact Perekliinik OÜ with regard to the processing of your personal data, by e-mailing to
  • You have the right to request that the processing of your personal data be stopped or the data be erased (right to be forgotten).
  • You have the right to tick the respective box in the forms used for objecting to personal data processing/collection.
  • You have the right to contact Perekliinik OÜ at any time to renew your personal data.
  • You have the right to know if we possess any information concerning you, to access this information and request erasure thereof if it is incorrect.
  • You have the right to request the erasure or blocking of your personal data if the processing is in conflict with the legislation concerning the right to privacy.
  • You have the right to address any issues concerning personal data processing to the Data Protection Inspectorate.

Any requests are responded to within 14 business days at the latest after receipt of the request. If a person submitting a request keeps submitting excessive, repeating and overburdening requests, Perekliinik OÜ will have the right to charge a reasonable fee for responding to the requests.

If Perekliinik OÜ is unable to satisfy a request, reasons for refusal will be provided.

Amendment of the procedure for personal data protection at Perekliinik OÜ

Perekliinik OÜ has the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with the requirements for personal data protection.

Perekliinik OÜ will publish the updated Privacy Policy on its website.

Contact information of Perekliinik OÜ

If you have any questions, notes or other information about the procedure for personal data protection, please send these to