Perekliinik conducts vaccines that have been prescribed for children in the national immunisation schedule as well as other vaccines that are not free of charge. In the Perekliinik, vaccinations are conducted by family physicians or nurses who have undergone relevant training and have a valid right to vaccinate. 


  • Vaccination is free for everybody who lives in Estonia, including those who do not have health insurance.
  • In Perekliinik you can get a injection of Pfizer vaccine.

All Estonian people (over the age of twelve) can get vaccinated against COVID-19.

You can use the National eBooking system to book an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination. When you register, you can choose the vaccination center based on your preference. All Perekliinik patients can book their vaccinations at a different location if that is more convenient for them.

Non-residents who do not have a personal identification code and who are unable to log in at the Patient Portal, can fill an application to register for vaccination on our home page.

You can obtain more information by contacting family health centre by phone or e-mail. Also information is findabale on website


  • Vaccination againts influenza costs 20   for adults. 
  • In Perekliinik you can get a injection of Fluarix tetra vaccine

Influenza is a viral disease characterised by a sudden onset of the disease, high fever (38 °C and above), accompanied by coughing, headaches, throat or muscle pain or difficulties breathing.

Getting vaccinated in October before the influenza season provides the best protection. In healthy people, immunity will develop 10–14 days after the vaccination and lasts for a year.

Influenza vaccination is safe for anyone six months of age and older. Children under the age of nine who are being vaccinated against influenza for the first time need two vaccine doses with one month in between.

Vaccination is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • hypersensitivity to egg protein or any other ingredient of the vaccine;
  • during acute febrile illness.

Vaccination is recommended for everyone, but the following risk groups should definitely consider getting vaccinated:

  • people who are 65 years old and older;
  • persons suffering from anemia, chronic lung, cardiac, renal or metabolic diseases (in particular diabetes);
  • children and adolescents aged 6 months to 17 years who are getting long-term aspirin treatment;
  • people with immunodeficiency, including those who are receiving immunosuppressive therapy and are HIV-positive;
  • pregnant women whose second or third trimester coincides with peak influenza season;
  • patients with chronic diseases in social welfare institutions and nursing homes;
  • people who are at risk due to their occupation (health care professionals, social welfare institution employees, poultry farm employees, etc.);
  • people who may spread the influenza to a risk group.


  • Vaccination againts tick-borne encephalitis costs for children 30 € and for adults 35 €.
  • In Perekliinik you can get a injection of Encepure vaccine.
  • Children of at least one year of age can be vaccinated.

Children as well as adults can be protected from tick-borne encephalitis by means of vaccination. The vaccination consists of three injections of which the first two are given within an interval of one to three months and the third up to three years later. Two shots provide a good levelof immunity, but it will only last for one season. The third injection will extend the period of immunity. In Estonia, which is a distribution area for ticks, people should get immunised against tick-borne encephalitis every three to five years.

You can obtain more information by contacting family health centre by phone or e-mail. Also infromation is findable on website