The midwife’s reception takes place in Perekliinik of Pelgulinn, address Sõle 16.

Pre-registering is required, to register, contact Perekliinik of Pelgulinn by phone ( number 6665534) or by email (


Jelena Možajeva

Midwives are available for:

  • Consultation regarding contraception, prescriptions, and renewals.
  • STD (necessary laboratory tests and treatment as needed).
  • For cervical cancer screening (HPV test).
  • Placing ring pessaries for cervical prolapse.
  • Pregnancy detection and fetal monitoring.
  • Postnatal check (6-8 weeks after baby’s birth) and counseling of women in the postpartum period.
  • For breast examination, reception of patients with breast complaints, counseling on breast health issues.