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Contact us through the e-service environment e-Perearstikeskus or by phone

Dear patient,

Ensuring the safer handling of your health data, we address health-related inquiries only through the e-service environment e-Perearstikeskus and by phone.

Please share your health concerns with us at any time by visiting eperearstikeskus.ee/patient/welcome. When logging in, you can identify yourself on your mobile using SMART ID or Mobile ID, or you can use your ID card when logging in via a computer.

In e-Perearstikeskus, you can conveniently extend prescriptions, report illnesses, and open sick leave certificates, among other services.

We are committed to enhancing your health and well-being, and by joining e-Perearstikeskus, we aim to provide an even better and more convenient service.

Thank you for your trust. We are always here to support you in case of any health problems.

Perekliinik, your Family Physician

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