Dear patient!

From 30.07.2020 payment for paid services will be made on site by card.

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Dear patient of Perekliinik!

Since 20.03.2020 only certain patients will be targeted for COVID-19 testing. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that treatment doesn’t depend on the result of the test, but on the patient symptoms and their severity. In the absence of specific treatment, all patients are being treated in the same way regardless of the testing.

COVID-19 test is not indicated to healthy individuals, who have no symptoms. That also includes contact with people, who have no symptoms, but have a suspicion for the virus.

COVID-19 test is only indicated for patients who develop symptoms such as: fever, dry cough and difficulty of breathing. At the same time the patient needs to belong to one of the following groups:
* Over 80 years of age
* Serious chronic disease of any age
* Residents and workers in care homes
* Healthcare and Ambulance staff (including caregivers and pharmacists), patients in the hospital or being taken to the hospital, vital service providers (Police and Border Guard, Rescue Board, Defence League, Military, Tax and Customs office workers) – these institutions can send their staff for self-testing. There’s no need for a general practitioner consultation.

Two criterion must be complited!
Secondary testing is not indicated to anyone.

A person is considered healthy when:
* At least 14 days have passed since the beginning of symptoms
* There hasn’t been any fever for 48h
* There hasn’t been any other acute symptoms for 24

Testing is done in mobile stations!


Dear patient!

The Government of the Republic has declared a state of emergency in relation with the pandemic spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Therefore scheduled patient appointments will not take place! Please contact us by phone or email only! Please do NOT come to the general physician (GP) center! We will provide distance appointment solutions through Skype, for example, starting from 16.03.2020.

Due to the emergency, providing GP-s medical care through distance helps to protect patients, that are more at risk, and health professionals whose prevention of infection is crucial for the sustainability of medical care.

As the risk area is all over Estonia, we ask all patients to:

– Do not come to the GP center – call or send an email!
– Please use telephone lines only to call in case of a health problem!
– We will open sick leave digitally!
– COVID-19 tests are only for patients with complex conditions!
– Testing against COVID-19 doesn’t change the treatment plan. There is no specific treatment. It’s required to relief the symptoms and, in complex cases, support body functions.
– Scheduled medical check-ups and chronic patient appointments have been canceled!

Spreading and symptoms of COVID-19:

– The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to the flu.
– The virus can cause cough, fever and difficulty while breathing.
– The virus is transmitted from person to person through a drop infection. Mostly while having a close contact with a person suspected of having the infection and symptoms, in particular: cough.
– The incubation period of the virus is approximately 2-14 days, with an average of 5 days.
– Strict measures are being taken proactively since there is an uncertainty to the spread of the virus and the symptoms it causes.
– The first preventive measure against COVID-19 is good hand hygiene.

Recommendations for virus protection from the World Health Organization:

– Place the infected in a room that can be ventilated (windows, doors open).
– Minimize the movement of the infected person in the same household. It is important that the rooms are ventilated when moving around.
– People using the same household should keep a distance from the patient (at least 1m) or use separate rooms/beds.
– Choose one person with strong health, who has no chronic or immunocompromised disease, as the caregiver of the infected person.
– Hand washing and disinfection is necessary after contact with sick person or their surroundings.

– Use paper or cloth towels to dry your hands. Wet towel should be washed immediately and it needs to be replaced with a dry one.

– Diseased (patient) and the caregiver should wear a mask as personal protective equipment! For sneezing and coughing use disposable napkins or cover the mouth and nose with a hankie. All the protective equipment must be destroyed or washed after the usage.

– Wash and disinfect used surfaces daily!

– Disinfect phones and tablets as well!

– Clean the remote controls (including the game controls)!

– Clean door handles, handrails and switches!

– Diseased clothes, sheets etc must be machine washed at 60-90 °C!